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PowerGrass is an innovative hybrid grass system that combines the advantages of the natural grass with the resistance of the synthetic turf to produce a professional, safe, resistant, and durable field.
PowerGrass is affordable to install and it is more economical to maintain than a regular natural field. 

Reach perfect "symbiosis" with regenerative agriculture. POWERgrass hybrid grass lifespan is estimated over 20 years if natural grass is maintained regularly thus protecting also the synthetic fibers from UV-rays.

Check out the interview of Sean Goodwin and of Graham Longdin talking about the affordability and quality of PowerGrass.


This new system comes from the research and the dedication of Doctor Niko Sarris, inventor, and owner of the company. 

In Europe, PowerGrass has already been installed in Italy, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, UK and Russia.

In Asia, we have installed trials in Kazakhstan and have obtained a lot of interest from China, India, Korea, and Japan.

We are currently expanding our market our and innovative system in the United States of America

POWERgrass hybrid grass system provides:

  1. Traction, stability and softness of the playing surface to provide confidence for the player and stimulate better performance.
  2. Quick establishment and fast recovery after heavy use of the natural grass.
  3. A high number of playing time: 30-35 hr/week in cool climates and 40-45 hr/week in warm climates.  
  4. Simple and reduced maintenance with standard equipment.
  5. Simple installation of the system with conventional machines and simple repair of worn areas.
  6. Standard 12 years warranty of the synthetic carpet, extendable to 20 years if maintenance is assigned to POWERgrass partners.
  7. Reusable to limit synthetic waste -- at the end of its sportsfield lifespan, it is possible to remove and transfer the carpet to training pitches or other green areas.
  8. Playable as synthetic turf alone that offers flexibility for the maintenance of the natural grass.
  9. Competitive price that will provide over 30% of savings.
  10. Innovative system with four patents.

Traction, Stability and Softness of the playing surface, are among the top prerogatives to play safely!

POWERGRASS is durable and able to sustain many hours of play over many years, with simple maintenance that will make the job of ground managers easier.

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Hybrid Grass

POWERgrass is a hybrid system of natural grass that grows inside synthetic grass!

POWERgrass combines safe play and savings in maintenance.

19/11/2019 14:18:25

Designing a pitch in PowerGrass is easy, but don't underestimate the agronomic aspect.

The design of PowerGrass follows the guidelines for the construction of natural grass pitches for professional use. Everything has been designed to optimize the investment, using quality materials.

Stadio Riviera delle Palme - San Benedetto del Tronto

San Benedetto del Tronto (Italy)

erba, ibrida, hybrid, grass, San Benedetto, Tronto, campo, calcio, prato,

Stadion imeni Achmat-Chadži Kadyrova

Realisation of hybrid pitch POWERgrass

Grozny (Russia)

Stadion SRC Zapresic

Realisation hybrid grass pitch in POWERgrass

Zaprešić (Croatia)

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